Thumbail- Discover the Ultimate Skydiving Adventure of Dubai

Dubai Skydiving- The Ultimate Guide for Adventure

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Course:

Discover the Ultimate Skydiving Adventure of Dubai

Tandem Skydiving

Dubai Tandem Skydiving By Arrange My Tour

Skydiving Schools

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Course:

  • This program includes a day of ground school (theory), a minimum of seven skydives, and 15 minutes in the indoor tunnel at Inflight Dubai.
  • Theory classes are available in English every Tuesday and in Arabic upon request.
  • After completing the course, students are ready for their first solo skydive.

A License:

  • The A license is an internationally recognized certification that allows skydivers to jump at drop zones worldwide.
  • To obtain a USPA A license, you need to complete a minimum of 25 skydives, pass all requirements on the A license proficiency card, and pass the written and oral A license exam.

Experienced Skydiving

Gyrocopter Rides


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