How to plan a Maldives trip | #AMTTravelTips Pexels- asaad maldives

How to plan a Maldives trip | #AMTTravelTips

Your Ultimate Guide to Planning a Maldives Trip: Tips, Insights, and Must-Knows

Discover the beauty of the Maldives with its lovely beaches and clear waters, surrounded by fancy resorts. When planning your trip, think about your budget, the best time to visit, and the fun things you want to do. Whether it’s snorkelling or just enjoying the sun, the Maldives has something for everyone.

Setting Your Budget

Types of expenses

Visa Policies

Tips for finding the best deals and packages

Choosing the Right Season

Weather and Climate throughout Year

Peak season recommendation

Finding the Perfect Accommodation (Hotels/ Resorts)

5 Star Hotels

4 Star Hotels

3 Star Hotels

Planning Your Activities

Activities that you can enjoy in Maldives

  • Adventure Activities in the Maldives:
    • Snorkeling in vibrant coral reefs.
    • Scuba diving to explore underwater ecosystems.
    • Jet-skiing for thrill-seekers.
    • Parasailing over turquoise waters.
    • Surfing at famous breaks.
  • Romantic Experiences:
    • Sunset dinner cruises.
    • Private beach picnics.
    • Overwater bungalow stays.
    • Spa treatments for couples.
    • Stargazing on secluded beaches.
  • Engaging Activities:
    • Cultural island tours.
    • Dolphin watching excursions.
    • Water villa photo shoots.
    • Cooking classes with local chefs.
    • Island hopping adventures.

Plan according to your trip days

Essential Travel Logistics
  1. Visa: For most nationalities, enjoy a free 30-day visa on arrival. However, check specific requirements as some may need pre-arranged visas. Ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your stay and have proof of onward travel, such as tickets for your departure flight.
  2. Currency: In the Maldives, use the local currency, Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR), but note that USD is widely accepted. While ATMs are available, especially on larger islands, consider pre-loading a travel card for convenience.
  3. Travel Insurance: Ensure comprehensive travel insurance coverage is highly recommended, providing peace of mind for unexpected medical expenses or travel disruptions. Prior to your trip, meticulously check coverage for planned activities like snorkeling and diving.
  4. Flights: For seamless travel logistics in the Maldives, opt for Velana International Airport or Gan International Airport. Book ahead, especially during peak season, and consider seaplanes for faster, scenic resort transfers.


Summing up your Maldives trip planning, prioritize key aspects like airport choices, early bookings, and exploring seaplanes for efficient resort transfers. Now, dive into your Maldivian adventure by initiating your travel plans today by clicking the link below.

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